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Chiropractic is not a treatment for asthma.

Asthma is a frightening and heart-rending condition, which may respond beautifully to chiropractic care.

How Could Chiropractic Care Help?

Many youngsters suffer needlessly from asthma or related conditions due to a malfunctioning nervous system. The nerves which supply the lungs (T3 to T6) and the diaphragm (C3 to C5 from the neck) may be impeded by a “subluxation” resulting in pressure and irritation on the nerves.

Reducing the “subluxations” in the spine helps restore proper nervous system control of the lungs, and healing can begin.

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Proven research published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research documented that 81 children with asthma who received chiropractic care saw there was a 45% decrease in the number of “attacks” and that 31% had voluntarily chosen to decrease their medication.

All this from improved nervous system control of the lungs.

If your child suffers from “asthma” or related conditions chiropractic care may help. Call our office – it could be the most important call you have ever made.

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