Chiropractor In Menai Has Proven, Natural Pain Relief Solutions

Dr Cameron Hopkins, our leading Chiropractor in Menai has over 23 years experience with proven, safe pain relief programs. If you are suffering neck pain, back pain, sciatic (leg) pain, have migraines or headaches then this may be your ideal solution for finally getting rid of your pain. This amazing treatment is the little know and often misunderstood world of chiropractic care. Menai Chiropractor Dr Hopkins has developed these pain relief programs to give you the fastest results possible. To find out more about how Dr Hopkins does this, just click on the link Chiropractor in Menai to watch a short video on how this is possible.

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Local Chiropractor In Menai Helps Headache Sufferer’s…Naturally

Local Chiropractor In Menai Dr Cameron Hopkins has been helping headache sufferer’s in the local community for over 22 years, with great success…naturally, safe and with no drugs or medication. His techniques are gentle, safe and proven to help reduce and/or stop headaches in the majority of cases presented to Dr Hopkins within his Menai Chiropractic practice.

You can get more information on how this Chiropractor in Menai may be able to help you or your child final eliminate headaches & migraines for good. All you have to do is go to his Free video on “How To Eliminate Your Headaches Without Popping Any Pills Or Any Other Treatments!” Here’s just some of what you will discover in the free video:

1. How to relieve your headache pain naturally!

2. The 4 causes of most headache pain, and what you can do to avoid them!

3. Why taking pain medications can be dangerous ans why!

4. The key to lasting headache pain relief!

Just click here to watch this video and learn what thousands of other have done to finally rid themselves of headaches totally naturally with local Menai chiropractor Dr Cameron Hopkins.

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Sciatica Pain Relief Program By Menai Chiropractor

Menai Chiropractor Dr Cameron Hopkins explain what sciatica is…the sciatic nerve can cause sciatica pain at any point in its distribution, either in the lower back, buttocks, hamstrings, knees, legs, calves, feet and/or toes. Sciatica pain usually starts in the buttocks and extends down the rear of the thigh and lower leg to the sole of the foot and along the outer side of the lower leg to the top of the foot. Back pain is found with sciatic leg pain about 50% of the time.

Sciatica Symptoms Often Include…..

The symptoms of sciatic leg pain (sciatica) are not always the same in all individuals. The amount and location of pressure on the nerve as it exits the lower back determines the intensity, frequency and locations of the pain. It can cause problems in one leg or both at the same time. The pain can also switch back and forth from one side to the other.

• Sciatica may hurt or throb “LIKE A TOOTHACHE” in any part of your buttocks, leg or foot.
• Sciatica may send jolts of pain into your leg that feels much like “touching a live electric wire.”
• Sciatica may cause deep numbness or a feeling of “pins and needles” in your leg, foot or toes.
• Sciatica may hurt more or less when seated, standing, walking, bending or lying down.
• Sciatica may come on quickly as a result of bending or lifting, or slowly develop over time.
• Sciatica may be increased when you cough, sneeze, bend of lift.
• Sciatica may cause weakness in the legs and lead to an increased chance of falls.
• Sciatica Pain ranges anywhere from an annoyance to the most miserable pain imaginable.
• Common are the words “I’d like to cut my leg off!”

Sciatica symptoms may be constant or of a “come and go” nature. Some people experience just one or two of the above symptoms. Other people experience the majority of them all at once.

Common Things To Avoid

Sciatica often worsens with extended rest or long periods of sitting. Long-term heat can cause sciatica to worsen. Avoid moving machinery and optional lifting to reduce chances of a greater injury. Back braces weaken muscles over time and should be avoided, as they set the stage for an even more serious injury. Try to avoid too many temporary pain relievers at the risk of allowing time for the cause to grow worse. Due to a 50/50 chance of surgical failure, all non-surgical options should be exhausted, with surgery being viewed only as a last resort.

How Do I Get Started?

If sciatic leg pain is causing you discomfort and concern, something is obviously wrong. A complimentary consult with Menai Chiropractor Dr Hopkins will allow us to discuss your concerns and help to come up with the best approach for you. Hopefully you can be the next person to benefit from our many years of experience and concern for others.

Click Here to get access to how I may be able to help you Today!!

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100% Natural Solution To Back Pain By Leading Menai Chiropractor

Leading Menai Chiropractor Dr Cameron Hopkins has over 90% success rate in relieving your back back period. However in my research there are seven major factors that contribute to your lower back pain. In addition, poor muscle tone, excess weight…especially around your middle…and improper or heavy lifting should also be considered. Also, poor posture and sitting (or standing) in one position for a long time puts extra stress on your spine. Ok, the seven common causes of low back pain are:

1. Muscle strains. Strained muscles, tendons, ligaments or inflamed joints may cause low back pain…and result in you missing work. Muscle strains usually result from accidents.
2. Spasms. Muscle spasm is a common response to injury. The muscle spasm is designed to immobilize the painful area and prevent further damage. Some spasms are so severe that you can’t move!
3. Osteoarthritis. This degenerative joint condition affects nearly everyone past age 55. Overworking, injuries, and aging can slowly cause deterioration of cartilage, the protective tissue that covers the surface of the joints of your vertebrae. Even though we all call this “arthritis”…it still hurts!
4. Sciatica. Pain may occur in your leg due to inflammation or compression of nerves in your lower back. If sciatica goes untreated, you may end up dragging your leg around!
5. Osteoporosis. This condition causes brittle bones, which leads to a gradual weakening of bones. The result can be painful vertebral compression fractures. People older than 50, particularly women, are prone to osteoporosis. Remember that older woman (who was all bent-over) next door when you were a kid? She had osteoporosis.
6. Herniated disc. This condition occurs when normal wear and tear or exceptional strain causes a disk to rupture. Bulging disc’s are common and often painless. It becomes painful when excessive bulging or fragments of the disk herniate or break-off and place pressure on nearby nerves. Some doctors call this a “swollen disk”, or a “bulging disk”.
7. Fibromyalgia. This chronic syndrome produces achy, tender and stiff muscles and joints where tendons attach to your bones. Pain is usually worse after inactivity and improves with movement and exercise.

The Four Warning Signs That You Should Call Menai Chiropractor Dr Hopkins Office Immediately

  • You feel back pain after an injury…or…recent accident
  • You feel back pain now, and have a history of back pain
  • Your back pain has lasted more than a few days
  • You have back pain, stiffness
  • Leg pain, numbness or even tingling

Why Thousands Of People Have Turned To Chiropractic For Relief Of Low Back Pain

One solution to your low back pain may be Chiropractic Care, and it’s right down the street from your home at my office. Chiropractic medicine is perhaps the most commonly used alternative therapy in Australia. It’s based on the belief that certain illnesses and conditions result from a pinched nerve in your spine.

To relieve mild to moderate back pain and reduce or eliminate the negative effects on your nerves, menai chiropractor Dr Hopkins adjust and massage your spine and back muscles. Spinal adjusting can effectively treat uncomplicated back pain, especially if you’ve had the pain for less than a few weeks.

To find out more about your Neck Pain relief click here

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Breakthrough Headache & Migraine Pain Relief By Local Menai Chiropractor

Dr Cameron Hopkins leading Menai Chiropractor reveals with his “Headache Relief Program” how he has helped thousands of local residents eliminate their headaches & migraine pain. The word cervicogenic means “originating in the neck.” Cervicogenic headaches are a little talked about, but extremely common kind of headache affecting the vast majority of people who suffer with recurring headaches.

The Most Commonly Overlooked Cause of Headaches

In recent research articles, it’s been shown that “problems in the neck vertebrae, which compress neck nerves, are the most prevalent cause of functional headaches.” The neck is the most commonly overlooked area as a source of headache pain. Cervicogenic headaches are frequently misdiagnosed as other kinds of headaches. Because the cause of the headache pain is in the neck, most diagnostic tests such as MRI and brain scans aimed at the head are unable to find the true source of the pain. When the source of the pain remains undetected, the most appropriate treatment is not able to be provided and the headache pain continues to recur. In other words, with cervicogenic headaches the cause frequently eludes detection – because few ever think to search in the right place.

The 12 Warning Signs That You Should Call Menai Chiropractor Dr Hopkins Office Immediately I have tightness, stiffness, tenderness or pain in my neck or shoulders.

 I can’t turn my neck as far one way as I can the other.
 I notice my headache pain comes on at the time my neck tightens up.
 I notice my headaches hurt more as my neck hurts more.
 I have obvious posture problems.
 One of my shoulders is lower than the other.
 When standing in front of a mirror, I notice my head tilts slightly to one side.
 I work with my head leaning forward for long periods of time.
 I have knots in the muscles of my neck.
 I sleep with more than one pillow, or a very thick pillow to get comfortable.
 I’ve had a previous fall, trauma or whiplash in my past.
 When someone views me from the side, the center of my ear does not line up with the center of my shoulder.

Why Thousands Of People Have Turned To Menai Chiropractic for Headache Relief

This picture shows some of the many areas of the neck that can cause pain to be referred into different areas of the head. There are over a dozen known headache patterns coming from neck involvement. Cervicogenic headaches are very often referred to as “the good news” headaches; because the majority of them can be resolved once hidden problems in the neck are found and proper treatment is initiated. The most frequent words we hear after finding the cause of the headache pain are “I wish I would have tried this first!”
If you have recurring headache pain, an at-home test is often valuable in helping to decipher the mystery………… The above are just a few of best indicators that your headache pain may becoming from a cervicogenic (originating in the neck) cause. If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the above, find yourself calling Menai Chiropractor Dr Hopkins office today for proper evaluation.

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