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Menai Chiropractor, Dr. Cameron Hopkins is recognized as one of the best chiropractors in Menai.

As well, Dr. Cameron's chiropractic clinic, is considered to be the top chiropractic clinic in Menai when it comes to general chiropractic care, health, wellness, and the relief of pain.

If you're recovering from an accident or injury, dealing with chronic neck or back pain, suffering with headaches, sciatica, experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome, or are simply interested in maximizing your overall health and wellness, Dr. Cameron Hopkins and the staff at our Menai Chiropractic clinic in Menai can provide you with the care and results you desire.

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Meet the Team

Chiro4Family Wellness – Team

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Dr Cameron Hopkins

Chiropractor BSc(Syd) MChiro(Macq)

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Dr Cameron Hopkins is the paediatric and family chiropractor for Chiro 4 Family Wellness. Cameron has over 20 years experience in looking after the health and wellness of babies, infant, children and adults of all ages within the local community. Cameron has treated in excess of 10,000 clients with over 100,000 chiropractic consultations. He has given many talks throughout the Menai community to schools, pre-school centres, kindergartens, Doctors and organizations with regards to the benefits of chiropractic on our health.

In 1988, he completed his Bachelor of Science at UTS, majoring in Anatomy and Physiology with high distinctions, followed by a Masters Degree of Chiropractic at Macquarie University in 1990. After graduating in 1990, Cameron worked in a paediatric and family oriented practice for 14 months.

Cameron has a special interest in:

  • Children and paediatric care
  • Family maintenance
  • Sports injuries & Professional athletes

From 1993 to 1996 Cameron was the sports chiropractor for 1st and 2nd Grade Penrith “Panthers” Rugby League Teams. The majority of injuries he would treat were often shoulders, hips and knees. He was a Chiropractic Board Examiner that examines final year chiropractic students to determine their eligibility to become a chiropractor.

Cameron has 3 children – Alyssa 17, Jayden 15 and Cassidy 13 who have been receiving monthly spinal adjustments since the age of 2 weeks old.

Cathy Pelli

Practice Manager

cathy Home

Cathy, is the practice manager and started working full time at the Menai office in January 2009. She manages the Menai office and runs the reception area during office hours. She keeps the office running smoothly with a relaxed nature so patients are made as comfortable as possible whilst visiting Chiro 4 Family Wellness. If there are any questions or concerns about the practice please feel free to ask Cathy at any time, as we want your visit to be a pleasant experience.

Until 2009, Cathy had no contact with chiropractic and its benefits. She suffered from chronic migraines since the age of 12 years old. Her parents took her to doctors and specialists with little results using prescription drugs. Cameron found her migraines were stemming from her neck. Within 4 weeks, “no more migraines”. Since this time Cathy receives monthly adjustments to maintain optimal health of her spine. She has referred many patients to chiropractic, as the benefits are fast, safe and painless.

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